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Welcome to the Ghost Network

Welcome to the Ghost Network 24.04 (Ubuntu sever 24.04 verison).

For those of you still using Ubuntu 22.04 the old site is still available HERE.

Although there is no urgency, I do recommend you upgrade as soon as you can.

When I first set up a home web-server I knew nothing about webservers and how they worked, after a bit of research I decided the best way was to set up a server using Linux as it would cost NOTHING!

Yes, it did cost me around £15 for a domain name (per year), but everything else was free, I knew very little about Linux as I have mainly only ever used Windows. I already have fixed line broadband so that did not cost me anymore money.

I could not believe how easy it all was learn, and set up.


This is what the Ghostnetwork website is all about, how to set up a Linux web-server for FREE. The only expense being for the name (e.g., You will of course need a fixed line broadband connection to the internet.

I decided to share the knowledge mainly because I am fed up of seeing people get ripped of by website hosting companies, and I want to break the myth that it costs a fortune to host a website.

The Ghostnetwork is now around 7 years old and going from strength to strength.

I am not a company, I am just one guy. I call myself Rob Swan (WA) the WA stands for web alias as my real name is Paul. I am not an expert by the way, so please don’t think that I am.

My website is forum based, however I only use the forum software (phpBB) in order to make posting and editing topics easier.
You cannot join the forum, as it is not that type of site (would not have the time to moderate a public forum).

So, when you’re ready to learn how to self-host a website or 10, click on Forum Home to get started.

Oh by the way I have the server set to re-boot itself in the early hours of the morning so if you are up at that time and cannot get on, wait a few minutes and try again.

All web servers are vulnerable to cyber-attack, which includes mine (and yours). Let’s be honest now, it does not matter how good your security is, for any Internet facing device hacking is a fact of life and can happen to anyone. When you get further into the guide, you will find out more in regards to the security we use on these severs. You will also find out about taking backups to minimise the downtime in the event of a server breach.

Just remember that I take no responsibility in any shape of form for any loss or damage incurred (of any kind) by using or misusing any of the guides and information on this site. In brief using anything from this site is AT YOUR OWN RISK. It’s as simple as that. I will however warn you within the individual guides and information if in my opinion you have to be aware of anything before continuing!