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Where can I get support from?

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Where can I get support from?

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Personally, I don’t have enough free time, so I recommend you use these sources for support question regarding your server. Plus, I am not an expert myself.

For EHCP force related issues, you should join the official EHCP force support forum.

Be aware though that getting your membership approved normally takes about a month.

The above forum already has lot of information, that may answer your question without joining.

The EHCP force official website, may be of some help.

Remember though, don’t ever use the EHCP force update script directly from this site as it will undo some of our fixes, use the one in THIS POST to update your EHCP force version.

Sometimes running THIS upgrade script can fix some problems, even if your version is not out of date.

EHCP force is just an updated version of EHCP (forked version), so you may find some limited help on the official EHCP website (if all else fails).

Remember to take regular backups, so in the even of a server crash (hard disc failure, for example) you can just re-install.

For Linux related support you can use the official ubuntu support site.

I have also found this site to be very helpful.

Remember, I am not an expert by any stretch of the imagination, this website is based on what I have learned by just experimenting.
If I can do it, SO CAN YOU!

Good Luck!
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