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What will I Need?

What Would I Want a Web Server For Anyway?
What will I Need?
Important Things to Remember Before Proceeding.
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What will I Need?

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An old Windows 7 era PC/Laptop (or newer): Even if it’s too slow to run newer versions of windows (hardware wise it must be fully working, and have a network socket). You will also need a separate Windows PC connected to the same network to remote control your new server, although it would be possible to do this from a Linux desktop PC too.

An Internet connection: Preferably wired (to your old pc or laptop) but wireless may work also. The faster the better, recommended fibre optic but ordinary broadband would be ok, just a bit slow.

A static IP address: This is a series of numbers which identifys you when online that remain the same, as opposed to being different each time you log on to the internet. If you’re not sure what this is, ask your ISP. Be aware, not all ISP’S will provide you with a Static IP address, the ones that do may offer them FREE or for just a small one-off fee.

It is possible to use something called “Dynamix” if a static IP address is not possible, this system is supported by the server software, however it is beyond the scope of this website. For more information please visit and also

£15, For a Domain Name: This is an address that will link back to your server, for example,,, you get the idea. This will cost around £15 a year for a You will then need to set this up as a Name server which links back to your Static IP address.
I will explain how to do this later in the guide, don’t worry it sounds more complicated than it actually is.
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