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The EHCP force update Squirrelmail bug..
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The EHCP force update Squirrelmail bug.

Post by Rob Swan »

NOTE: This bug does not apply to you, if you only use the script on this website when updating EHCP force.


Fix Found: YES

Fix Complexity: EASY

Bug Description
Squirrelmail is a very basic webmail client that is included with your server (in addition to Rouncube). It can be accessed (when working) by visiting in your web browser (replacing, with your actual domain name).
When you first install EHCP force, Squirrelmail is working fine, however after running the EHCP force update script (from EHCP force website) it no longer functions.

When you go to in your web browser (replacing, with your actual domain name), you get one of the following four errors.

1. A white screen just containing this error message (or similar).
Fatal error: Array and string offset access syntax with curly braces is no longer supported in /var/www/new/ehcp/webmail2/functions/strings.php on line 139

2. The Squirrelmail login screen but with errors on the page.

3. Sometimes you may get the normal login screen, but when you try to login you get a white screen just containing this error message (or similar).
Warning: session_set_cookie_params(): Cannot change session cookie parameters when session is active in /var/www/new/ehcp/webmail2/functions/global.php on line 471

4. You may just get a blank screen.

They may be others, but they all amount to the same incapability issue.

The Fix
Connect to you server using your PC and PuTTY.

Enter these commands one by one.

sudo rm -R /var/www/new/ehcp/webmail2/

sudo unzip "/var/www/new/ehcp/fixes/squirrel_mail/" -d "/var/www/new/ehcp/"

sudo mkdir -p /var/www/new/ehcp/webmail2/data

sudo chown root:www-data -R /var/www/new/ehcp/webmail2

sudo chmod 754 -R /var/www/new/ehcp/webmail2

sudo chown ftp:www-data -R /var/www/new/ehcp/webmail2/data

That should be it fixed!

If you DID apply the above fix and you also followed the topic called "Increase Fail2ban security level. (Optional)" then, you may want to reinstall the squirrel logger (details in the post), although it’s not essential.


When it comes to updating your EHCP force installation, Please DO NOT use the update script from the EHCP force website as this will break Squirrelmail again.

You must use the upgrade script provided within THIS POST to update EHCP force.

We are all done here.

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