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Important Information about domain names.

Important: Please read first!
Important Information about domain names.
Buying a domain name for around £15 for a year!
Set your new domain name to link back to your internet connection.
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Important Information about domain names.

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Before we can go any further, we need to understand which part of a website address is the actual domain name, it’s not always as simple as you might think.

So let start with a very simple, well known website address.

In the above website address the domain name is simply, and this is what you would type into a domain name selling website, if you wanted to buy it (of course this one would not be available to buy).

All website addresses either start with http:// or https://, neither of these are part of the domain name.

If a website address has www. after http:// or https:// then its not part of the domain name.

ok, lets look a bit more complicated address (this site may not exist, as I have just made it up).

So, what do you think the domain name is?

Well, it is actually, so as you can see, it’s not always as simple as it may first appear.

How do we know?

Well, we know to ignore the http://www. bit as mentioned above.

We are left with

Once you remove the first bit if you see anymore / symbols you can ignore them and anything after them.

So now we have just, if we where to look into it (ask google), we would find out that .uk is a domain name type (sometime called domain name extensions) like .org, .net, or even .com.

The word, letter or number before the domain type is the first part of the domain name, anything before a dot (.) is not.

As you can see, it tends to get a little complicated sometimes.

For the ghostnetwork website, my domain name is just, and this is the part I had to buy.

Don’t worry if you do not completely understand it, just be aware of what you need to buy.

So, let’s say you wanted your website to be called https// the bit you need to buy is So, when you go to buy it, this is the bit you would type into the domain registrars website (domain buying website).
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