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Robs Blog.

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27/06/24: Major update to the Spamassasin user interface post.

I have made a major change to the method of setting up a user interface for Spamassasin (please see the post for details).

I have also created a new FAQ, on how to modify your Spamassasin UI, to match the new setup.

19/06/24: New SMTP auth Issue.

Some users have reported to me that after running an EHCP force update, SMTP auth stopped working again (unable to send any emails).

It can be fixed by running the SMTP auth (post EHCP force install) fixing script again using this command in PuTTY.

sudo bash

The above assumes you did not delete the script from your system, if you did, please refer to THIS POST for instructions on how to download it again.

12/06/24: New Fail2ban repair script.

I have re written the EHCP force post install, Fail2ban fixing script to make it a bit more like the others, with some better error trapping etc.

I have also revamped the post a little, just to make it a bit easier to follow.

12/06/24: Bizarre update released for EHCP force.

The author of EHCP force released an update on 11/06/24, what’s bizarre about it is that it is not an update for Ubuntu 24.04 which is what people tell me they are waiting for.

Note: My EHCP force update script was updated today, It is important to use the new script or you risk breaking SMTP auth, and Squirrelmail.

30/05/24: Yes, you guessed it, I made a new SMTP auth repair script.

Decided to go with saslauthd instead of the courier-authdeamon.

Please note the file name has changed, see the post for details.

If you want to change to saslauthd, you can run this script even if you ran the old one, as will undo the settings for the courier-authdeamon, and change the SMTP auth method to saslauthd.

25/05/24: Just as a test, I was able to fix the existing SMTP auth method on my test bed.

Currently my SMTP auth fixing script, changes the authentication method from saslauthd to the courier-authdeamon.

I was wondering if it was possible to fix the existing method in EHCP force, and the answer is a big YES.

Not, sure yet if I am going to change the script, as my method is just as good.

23/05/24: Completely re-written the EHCP force pre install script.

Where, I have had no reports of the old script failing, it occurred to me that if the script did fail it would not tell the user, this could mean a lot of wasted time installing EHCP force, only to find out that the email did not work.

The script now checks each step as it goes, and reports any failures to the user.

16/05/24: I have now changed the (EHCP force post install) SMTP auth fixing script so that it also adjusts EHCP force, to stop it undoing the edits made by the script.

EHCP force should now not have the power to break SMTP auth (for sending emails), after the script has been run.

15/05/24: Found the problem with SMTP auth, it is NOT my script.

Whenever you change the main system options in the EHCP force control panel, the postfix configuration in “Fixed”, thus undoing our edit.
I am working on a fix for this.

14/05/24: I have made a slight change to smtp auth fixing script (EHCP force post install script).
Hopefully there will be no more issues, but only time will tell.

14/05/24: Added a note to the EHCP force post install scripts topic as a user reported, that she was still not able to send email, and entering these commands in PuTTY one by one fixed it. I have not been able to recreate this issue.

If effected though you MUST run both the EHCP force post install scripts(one time only, per server), before trying this fix.
Its not a good idea to try and run the scripts again, as it can mess things up, big time.

sudo su

service postfix stop

echo 'pwcheck_method: authdaemond' > /etc/postfix/sasl/smtpd.conf

echo 'mech_list: plain login' >> /etc/postfix/sasl/smtpd.conf

echo 'allow_plaintext: true' >> /etc/postfix/sasl/smtpd.conf

echo 'authdaemond_path: courier-authdaemon-socket' >> /etc/postfix/sasl/smtpd.conf

service postfix start


11/05/24: Wow, the amazing people who write Fail2ban, have already created a new version that works on Ubuntu 24.04 without messing about with Python versions. I have completely changed my EHCP Force post install Fail2ban fixing script, it now just upgrades Fail2ban (and updates the Fail2ban config).

08/05/2024: The new site is still a work in progress.
As my regulars will already know, I am constantly finding and correcting spelling and grammar errors on the site. Also, where everything should be working, I am still in the process of testing it all, so if something is wrong or does not work, it may get fixed soon.

06/05/2024: Sorry that EHCP GN is not done yet.
I did not understand the enormity of the task when I took it on, and I am just short of time to dedicate to it.

As I am not an established developer, everything takes me longer as I have to spend time researching problems and how to fix them.

05/05/2024: I am worried about EHCP force.
I have a concern as to why EHCP force has not been updated for Ubuntu 24.04.

I really hope that EHCP force has not been abandoned.

The author of EHCP force does not get paid for his amazing work, so I hope that he has just been busy with more important things, or something on those lines.

Please do not contact him, as he works for free and I would hate to think that he is getting flak from something I have said or done.
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