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Important Notes.

Important information about Ubuntu Versions.
Download Ubuntu Server OS and make a bootable USB stick/DVD.
Get your old PC or Laptop ready for the install.
Install Ubuntu server on your old PC or Laptop.
Change a setting on Laptop servers. (IMPORTANT)
Important Notes.
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Important Notes.

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After you have completed all of the work in step 2 we no longer need physical direct access to you old PC or Laptop. You can now put this somewhere out of the way (turned on, and plugged into the mains and your network).

If you need to unplug the network cable, the power or charger lead whilst moving this device you should shut it down first by logging in and typing:-

sudo shutdown now (enter) (you may need to re-enter your password)

On desktop servers you can just turn off the monitor, and on Laptop servers close the lid.

From now on in the rest of this guide I will refer to your old PC or Laptop as your server.

You may of noticed that we put the word sudo in front of most commands for the server, this is telling it to do something as the “Super User” this is much the same as “Run as Administrator” on a windows PC.

Now your server at the moment is not doing much but it is a good idea to get used to leaving it turned on all of the time as when it is finished it must never be turned off, except of course in an emergency.

If the server is not on (when fully set-up) no one will be able to access any of your websites, and also it is possible that you could permanently loose some of your emails.
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