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Get your old PC or Laptop ready for the install.

Important information about Ubuntu Versions.
Download Ubuntu Server OS and make a bootable USB stick/DVD.
Get your old PC or Laptop ready for the install.
Install Ubuntu server on your old PC or Laptop.
Change a setting on Laptop servers. (IMPORTANT)
Important Notes.
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Get your old PC or Laptop ready for the install.

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Plug the old PC or Laptop (server PC) into your router (network) VIA A WIRE (it may work on wireless but I must strongly advise against it). You should use a standard network patch cable for this. If there is NO WAY AT ALL you can have your server permanently connected VIA a wire, later in the guide I will show how to connect your server wirelessly.

IMPORTANT BACKUP BACKUP BACKUP (so important is needs to be said 3 times)

EVERYTHING I mean everything including all software, data and even windows will be PERMANENTLY DELETED . Recovery is impossible once you install Linux. Also be aware that it may be tricky to even re-install windows after Linux has been installed. Yes, it is not impossible to re-install Windows, it’s just a bit of a pain. So if you want this PC to run on windows at any point ever again consider this carefully before proceeding. Also it may be a good idea to make a note of any serial numbers for software that is installed (software keys).


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