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Important information about Ubuntu Versions.

Important information about Ubuntu Versions.
Download Ubuntu Server OS and make a bootable USB stick/DVD.
Get your old PC or Laptop ready for the install.
Install Ubuntu server on your old PC or Laptop.
Change a setting on Laptop servers. (IMPORTANT)
Important Notes.
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Important information about Ubuntu Versions.

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The information and guides on this website are for use with Ubuntu Server 24.04 only and EHCP Force (unless otherwise stated), which is the latest LTS (Long Term Support) version on Ubuntu server.

Ubuntu server is for your Webserver, however you will still need a separate Windows PC (can be done from a Linux desktop PC instead), the version of Windows you use is not important.

The version code for Ubuntu is based on the release date so, 24.04 means it was released in April 2024.

Where everything MAY work on the desktop version of Ubuntu 24.04, running a desktop environment on a webserver is a massive waste of system resources and not recommended.

Any attempt to use a different version of Ubuntu (or indeed another Linux distro) may result in serious issues.

The version number is always the first 4 digits, and anything after the 24.04 is a subversion, so for example maybe in the future there could be a version called 24.04.01 or 24.04.02 etc.

It is always the latest version of Ubuntu server 24.04 you need to use, whatever subversion it may be (for example) Ubuntu Server 24.04.3 may exist in the future.

If a new subversion is released, you do not need to re-install, as the built-in update tool will upgrade your server to the latest version, you will find out how to do this later on in the guides.

Ubuntu releases a version every year, however a new LTS (Long Term Support) version is only released every 2 years. So, when 25.04 is released (if that is what it is called) I will not cover it on this website.

If you are still using Ubuntu Server 22.04, in order to upgrade to 24.04 safely, you will need to do a full re-install of your server, there is no major rush to upgrade to 24.04, for reference the 22.04 site is still available here: For best security I do recommend you upgrade however.

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